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New equipment...without paying the new price

The pool deck is a hostile and corrosive environment for any type of equipment. Chemicals in the water, poor air handling systems, UV and other element exposure outdoors coupled with a lack of maintenance in many cases can lead to problems for the finish on your equipment.

  • If your equipment is:

    • Cracking, peeling, or flaking

    • Full of white corrosion

    • Oxidized or pitted

    • Discolored or faded

    • Full of rust stains

    • Just overall looking old and nasty!!

  • What we do:

    • Completely disassemble

    • Sand blast down to clean bare material

    • Visually inspect for structural deficiencies

      • Fractures, cracks, thinning of the metal​

    • Repair

      • Grind and fill surface imperfections

      • Repair structural fractures (additional charge)

    • Powder coat in a color of your choice!

    • Reassemble using stainless steel hardware

    • Perform a full service on fulcrum and hinges

(Roll over to see the after!)



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