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"We Fix Problems"


New, refinished, reinstall, or corrective, we can meet all your needs.

After years of field work we've noticed that nearly 9 out of 10 stands have some type of installation issue. While these issues differ, they can lead to a number or problems that include:​

  • Equipment not functioning properly.

    • Incorrect "ride"​.

    • The athlete being cast to one side, forward, or backwards on takeoff.

    • The board significantly jumping side to side while bouncing.

  • Premature diving board failure.

  • Stands that don't meet height tolerances.

  • Deck anchors that become loose.

  • Fulcrum wheels that roll off rubber channels.

  • Diving boards that hit/rub guardrail arms.

Stand needed to be shimmed to proper height.
Illustrates recreation only installation.