I would like to introduce myself, my company and its services to you. My name is Larry May and I have been a Division 1 diving coach for over 20 years. I own a company called The Fulcrum Guy which rebuilds and restores Duraflex diving board fulcrums to original condition.

If your facility is like most I’ve seen, very little, if any, maintenance has been done to preserve the safe operating condition of your costly investment in diving board equipment. The mission of The Fulcrum Guy is to make certain that all divers and coaches-from beginner level to elite athletes-have superior facilities and equipment available to ensure a safe, enjoyable and productive training or recreational diving experience.

Diving board restoration and maintenance will cost your facility or diving program less over the long term. Consider this example: When you buy a new car, it’s a significant financial investment and you want to maintain the car’s value as much as possible, right? Would you neglect to change the oil every 3,000 miles? When the “Check Engine” light comes on, would you simply ignore it? Of course not! The engine may seize and you could lose your entire investment in the car and have to start over from scratch.

An investment in your diving boards is a similar proposition. The cost of an installed, brand new 1 meter Duraflex model B diving board with a Duraflex stand is more than $10,000. If you neglect to maintain this equipment, you can expect that it will be in proper operating condition for roughly 5 years. The Fulcrum Guy’s maintenance services can extend the life of the board, fulcrum and stand well beyond the natural expected life of the equipment.

Don’t ignore your diving board’s “Check Engine” light. Call or email The Fulcrum Guy today! Please feel free to contact me  with any questions about the services offered by  The Fulcrum Guy.

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